Pandya Store

The most popular brand of the new Hindi television series called Pandya Store was released on Hotstar and Star Plus on January 25, 2021.

The main actors:

Guteam Pandia (Kinshuk Mahajan): Bandia’s older brother is responsible for the family business and is very interested in his young brothers.

Virgin Panda (Doshi Limit): Guteam’s supportive and selfish wife who works as a character for his young brothers and devotes her life to her upbringing.

Dave Bandy (Akshay Kharudia): The gentle and cognitive brother.

Shiva Pandia (Kanwar Dhillon): The third hot brother and impulsivity.

Krishna Bandia (Mohit Barmar): Brother joy and harm.

Story Overview:

The show focuses on the Pandya family’s efforts to keep their food market and the Pandya store open over many personal and economic issues. After their parents died, Gutem and his goals gave up their dreams to raise their younger brothers on Gutem. The story delves into family dynamics love, sacrifice, and change.

Dave’s love story adds to Richita and Siva’s clean connection with Rafi while romantic parts promote the main story. even with the odds and economic struggles Bandias constant family love for one another helps them overcome obstacles to gain strength.

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