Udaariyaan (Colors TV) Serial Cast, Timings, Story Plot, Real Name & Wiki

Udaariyaan: TV Serial Cast with Real Name, Full Story, Telecast Timings, Wiki, Starting Date and More 

 Udaariyaan is an Indian romantic, family drama. The language of drama is Hindi. It premiere on 15 March 2021. It is produced by Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey. It is directed by Uttam Ahlawat. The production company of Udaariyaan is Dreamiyata Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. And Devirosh Films. Udaariyaan is presented on Colors TV.

Country of origin of Udaariyaan and language

India is the country of origin of Udaariyaan and language of origin of Udaariyaan is Hindi and Punjabi.

Picture Format

576i HDTV 1080i.

Number of seasons and number of episodes

Udaariyaan has one season while it has total 539 episodes.

Running time

21 to 31 minutes running time.


The story of Udaariyaan revolve around two sisters Tejo Sandhu and Jasmine Sandhu. This story revolve around love triangle between Fateh Singh and Sandhu sisters. Fateh is a national boxing champion while Tejo is a college professor. Tejo and Fateh want to marry and make their future in Moga while Jasmine want to go Canada. Fateh fell in love with Jasmine and want to marry her.

Jasmine love him too and agreed for marriage after getting job in Canada. But at the day of marriage Jasmine lost her job and refused to marry Fateh. While Tejo married to Fateh to save her family’s reputation. After marriage Tejo fell in love with Fateh but still he loves Jasmine madly. While Jasmine regret her decision and start plotting against Tejo to separate them. Fateh had extramarital affair with Jasmine and Tajo come to know about their affair and divorce him. Tejo got engaged to Angad so that Jasmine and Fateh got married. 

 Fateh and Jasmine got married and ready to leave for Canada but Fateh burnt their tickets and reveal that their marriage is fake and planned by him as he came to know about evil deeds pf Jasmine. On the other hand, Tejo and Angad got married while Angara fell in love with her but Tejo declaration him as her friend. After many troubles Tejo and Fateh end up together. While jasmine and Angad join hands to take revenge and to separate Tejo and Fateh. But later Angad realized his misdeeds and let Tejo go.

Jasmine got married to Amrik. Jasmine, Tejo, Fateh and Amrik get into a car accident where Jasmine changed herself after seeing love of Tejo and Amrik for her. Tejo and Fateh decided to get engaged but end up knowing that Tejo hide Jasmine’s lie. Tejo decided to marry Angad but find out that she is pregnant with Fateh child. Angad tell her to go to Fateh but leave her in warehouse to burn alive there. 

After 6 months Amrik and Jasmine decided to run away to London and start their new life. They encounter Tanya who looks alike Tejo . Tanya admit to be Tejo and accused Fateh and Jasmine for her murder attempt. At the end evil face of Angad revealed and he arrested for Tajo’s murder. Amrik died in attempt of saving Tanya from Angad. Later it was reveal that Tanya is not Tejo.

Tanya, Fateh and Jasmine returned to Moga where Tanya pretend to be Tejo. Jasmine came to know that she is pregnant with Amrik’s child. She want to raise her child with Fateh. In a shocking event, Tanya meet with Tejo who was mentality unstable. Fateh married Tejo and she got her memory again and remember everything. Jasmine gave birth to a baby daughter and leave her as orphan in hospital. Fateh and Tejo raised Nehmat as their daughter. Jasmine married to Yash and moved to Canada to fulfill her life long dream.

However she came to know that Yash married her in revenge and treat her badly. Jasmine returned to India with Naaz as she was suffering from domestic violence from her husband and mother in law. She decided to leave Naaz in her family to give her the happiness and love of family. She leave a note that she is going away from their lives and will not meet them again.

Naaz and Nehmat become friends but Naaz was jealous of the love and attention Nehmat got from her family. Fateh and Tejo decided to adopt Naaz so that she get her family love. But before adopting Naaz, Tejo and Fateh died in a car accident leaving their family devastated. After 16 years Nehmat and Naaz grow up while Nehmat was dating a police officer Ekam. Nehmat was investigating the reason behind the accident of her parents in which police officer was helping her. At the end it was revealed that Jasmine was behavior the car accident. 

Cast members of Udaariyaan

There were following main cast members of Udaariyaan

  • Priyanka Chahar Choudhary as Tejo Kaur Sandhu Virk – Satti and Rupi’s elder daughter; Jasmine and Dilraj’s sister; Fateh’s wife; Angad’s ex-fiancée; Nehmat’s adoptive mother 
  • Tanya Gill – Tejo’s lookalike 
  • Ankit Gupta as Fateh Singh Virk – Gurpreet and Khushbeer’s elder son; Simran, Amrik and Mahi’s brother; Tejo’s husband; Jasmin’s ex-fiancé; Nehmat’s adoptive father
  • Isha Malviya as Jasmine “Jazz” Kaur Sandhu Ahluwalia – Satti and Rupi’s younger daughter; Tejo and Dilraj’s sister; Fateh’s ex-fiancée; Amrik’s widow; Yash’s ex-wife; Mr. Ahluwalia’s wife; Naaz and Harleen’s mother 
  • Harleen Kaur Ahluwalia – Jasmine and Mr. Ahluwalia’s daughter Naaz’s half-sister 
  • Twinkle Arora as Nehmat Kaur Virk – Harvinder’s daughter; Tejo and Fateh’s adopted daughter; Candy and Naaz’s adoptive cousin; Ekam’s love interest 
  • Kevina Tak as Child Nehmat Kaur Virk
  • Sonakshi Batra as Naaz Bajwa – Jasmine and Yash’s daughter; Harleen’s half-sister; Nehmat’s adoptive cousin; Nikhil’s fiancée 
  • Kanishtha Kaushik as Child Naaz Bajwa 
  • Hitesh Bharadwaj as Ekampreet “Ekam” Randhawa – Jayveer’s son; Mallika’s brother; Nehmat’s love interest
  • Saksham Kalia as Child Ekampreet Randhawa.


Udaariyaan is a family drama which also include romance and suspense. It is a story of two sisters struggling to fulfill their dreams . This drama is full of twists and turns and more entertainment is a head in the Apne Tv serial.

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